Dialogues Genève


The Dialogue Brief







D@G activities are diverse. They range from dialogues to capacity development, and include coaching, facilitation and studies.

The Dialogues are structured into different Series. Some are held on a regular basis, some more occasionally. At present, the following Series have either been launched or are in preparation.

A. The Global Issues Dialogue Series

It includes:
pic4 The Geneva Global Health Round-Table Series
pic4 The Rethinking the International System Dialogue Series
pic4 The Finance for Development Dialogue Series

B. The Field and Grassroots Dialogue Series

C. The Problématique and Conflict Dialogue Series

Forthcoming activities comprise moreover the conceptualization and launching of the Network for Governance, Entrepreneurship & Development (GE&D). Under GE&D, initial pilot capacity development activities are presently being explored to be launched in 2008.

In 2008, D@G will also accompany and support the process of change of the Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA) and of the Sasakawa Africa Fund for Extension Education (SAFE), two leadings actors in the development of African agriculture.


Global Health Issues are among the most challenging and complex ones faced by XXIst Century societies and the International Community. To be addressed and solved, they require the cooperation among, and input from a multiplicity of very diverse stakeholders, in particular, national governments, international institutions, humanitarian and professional health organisations, and the bio-medical industry sector.

The complexity of the issues, the importance of what is at stake and of the interests involved are often the source of divergence of views and perceptions, which render the search for practical implementable solutions very demanding, costly and time consuming.

This has prompted the launching of the Geneva Global Health Issues Roundtable Series the purpose of which is to offer a regular opportunity to a selected group of stakeholders to meet around critical issues in public health.

The format chosen for the Geneva Global Health Issues Roundtable Series is the result of a set of consultations. The roundtable gathers once every two months as a group some 20 regular participants representing a range of perspectives. Special guests and experts are also invited occasionally. Roundtables are typically held in the evening around a dinner, from 7.30 pm to 11.00 pm and are structured around an issue or a theme selected by the participants, briefly introduced and then openly discussed.

The Roundtables are of an informal nature, and conducted according to the Chatham House Rules. A short summary of the discussion and of its outcome is prepared and is of a public nature.

Issues and themes are chosen for their timely relevance and the potential the Roundtable has to make a concrete contribution. Discussions are facilitated with the objective of reaching practical conclusions.