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An Integrated Scheme for Africa


"Sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction
will be tackled successfully only if preceded
by institutional development, capacity building
and good governance".

Angel Gurria, Secretary General of OECD
at the 2007 Heiligendamm G8 Summit

The Network for Governance, Entrepreneurship & Development (GE&D) objective is to address two interrelated challenges:

the call for a functional professional public sector and effective governance;
the necessity for the local SME entrepreneurs to acquire the capability to be an engine of growth.

Its launch is based on the following considerations:

1. There will be no sustainable development and meeting of MDGs in Africa without significant economic growth and development.

2. Economic development is primarily the responsibility of the local SME entrepreneurs whose entrepreneurship has to be fostered.

3. However, SME entrepreneurs cannot operate if proper framework and policy conditions, for which the State is first responsible, are not met.

4. Public administration is characterized today in Sub Saharan Africa by low efficiency, frail morale and its marginalization.

5. There will be no economic development in Africa, until the efficiency of the State is improved in a drastic manner.

GE&D will deliver state-of-the-art institutional and individual capacity development activities, combining on the job Work-Out and Action Learning, formal training, coaching, dialogue and sharing of expertise, structured around concrete issues faced.

Capacity development activities will be provided through a network to be constituted of partner institutions, mostly local, able to deliver quality programs.

A mobilization of a wide range of high level African and international public and private partners is needed to allow the emergence of ten of thousands small and medium size local entrepreneurs, and a quantum leap in the professionalisation and efficiency of public administration. This is what GE&D aims at.

Significant financial resources are available. Missing is a road map for capacity development and the corollary range of projects needed to ensure effective results. What is in short quantity are women and men capable of designing, leading and managing such projects.

One of GE&D central objectives is to identify, promote, develop and multiply such projects and ensure that they are well designed, fully complementary and professionally led to deliver the concrete and relevant results expected. GE&D will then ensure that the necessary funding is made available for such projects, for example via the creation of a well-endowed Trust Fund.

GE&D does not aim to duplicate what others are already doing. It is about unleashing the power of networking, building on the work done, about catalysing and generating critical masses, creating a multiplier effect, reach economies of scale and initiate a momentum.

The Network for Governance, Entrepreneurship & Development is a project concept presently developed under the umbrella of D@G and which feasibility is being explored.

GE&D has the legal statute of a Swiss non-profit association. It is led by a Committee composed of Issa Ben Yacine Diallo, Jean F. Freymond, and Jean-Charles Sommer. It is registered in the Trade Registry of the Canton of Geneva.

GE&D is an initiative taken by D@G (see http://www.d-geneva.com) and its Director Jean F. Freymond (see annexe no 2) It has the legal status of a Swiss non-profit association registered in the Geneva Trade Registry. Although it is to first concentrate on Africa, the concept could constitute a model to be replicated and followed in other parts of the world. GE&D might thus expand to other countries out of Africa, in particular to conflict affected countries and countries under stress.

2 Not to be confused with "good governance" - as important - too often narrowly defined in connection with issues such as the respect for human rights, the fight against corruption, or in general, principles and values.